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Anal Fissure Treatment in Chennai

What is an anal fissure?

Anal fissure is a sore in the anus. This is a common and benign condition.Any erosion at a pleats causes the occurrence of anal fissure.
  • Erosion may occur in connection with a case of anorectal abscess, inflammatory bowel disease, sometimes a tumor, or without reason.
  • This is not so much the crack itself that is the problem, that the inconvenience, especially since the passage of stool constantly delaying healing.

Anal Fissure Treatment

What are the symptoms of an anal fissure?

The main symptom is severe pain when passing stools. She then regresses frequently.

At first, the pain is intense. It can then disappear for a few minutes before reappearing. In this case, each seat becomes a nightmare, as to promote constipation by fear of being wrong! Sometimes the pain is reduced to a mere discomfort or itching. The pain may finally be absent: it’s so bleeding that can raise the alarm. Attention at the senior: an isolated bleeding may be the first sign of a colon tumor, too, so do not put too fast this symptom on behalf of an anal fissure (or crisis of hemorrhoids) .

What causes anal fissure?

The appearance of anal fissure is related to the combination of three factors:

  • constipation: the crack usually starts with a small wound linked to a difficult transition too hard stool;
  • poor blood supply to the anal area: the blood supply is less good at the back of the anus;
  • excessive contraction of the sphincter of the anus: it aggravates poor circulation of blood.

The evolution of anal fissure

Anal fissure can evolve in three ways, namely:

  • Healing: ??in the majority of cases, the wound heals through simple measures. However, it can take time to heal. Scarring at the anus is sometimes difficult for various reasons:
    • the permanent contraction of the sphincter anal preventing blood to properly irrigate this place,
    • the presence of many bacteria in this area;
  • Complications: it happens that the wound becomes infected and it can close. This occurs especially when changing for a long time without treatment;
  • Recurrences: ??anal fissure tends to recur frequently, especially if constipation persists. The repeated passage of hard stools may reopen the wound. It is therefore important to prevent the possible return of constipation, even after healing of a crack.

How it is dealt with?

A large portion of the butt-centric gaps needn’t bother with surgery. In fleeting or intense gaps, therapeutic treatment is fruitful in the dominant part of patients. Lion’s share of the butt-centric crevices frequently recuperate all alone inside of a couple of weeks if the individual takes after way of life propensities and dietary to mellow the stool. Further treatment is required if the patient’s side effects perseveres.Fissure Laser treatment is one of the best option to treat fissure problems.

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Will the issue return?

Crevices can repeat basically, and it is very normal for a completely mended gap to repeat after a hard defecation. Notwithstanding when the agony and draining have died down, it is vital to proceed with great inside propensities and an eating routine high in fiber as a way of life change. On the off chance that the issue returns without a conspicuous reason, further evaluation is justified.

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