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Bariatric Surgery

Endoscopic Balloon Insertion or, Gastric balloon insertion or, BioEnterics Intragastric Balloon (BIB – System) is the procedure that involves endoscopy-guided insertion of a special balloon into patient’s stomach that is filled with saline. The balloon is made of silicone to aid weight loss over a 6-month period.

Ideal candidates for Endoscopic Balloon Insertion

  • Overweight (BMI of 27 kg/m2 or greater) or obese (BMI 30 kg/m2 or greater) persons
  • Can be pre-operative preparation in the treatment of morbid obesity

Who should avoid

  • Persons with previous gastric surgery
  • Persons with a very large hiatus hernia


A gastroscope is inserted through the mouth into the stomach of the patient. With the help of this gastroscope, a balloon is placed into the stomach and is then filled with 500-700 ml of fluid (saline) and a blue dye. The procedure is performed under anesthesia and takes about 15-20 minutes.Most of the patients may go to home within few hours after the procedure.

Postoperative recommendations:

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  • The maximum duration for balloon to remain in stomach is 12 -18 months
  • Patient should take liquid food during the first few days
  • This should be followed by 5-6 small meals a day
  • Sweets, fatty and spicy foods and alcohol should be avoided
  • Proper and regular follow up with physician and dietician is required
  • Patient should not consume high-calorie food otherwise patients may gain weight

How is the gastric balloon removed?

The balloon is removed after deflating it at the end of the 6-month with the help of a gastroscope.

Benefits of the procedure:

  • Reduced the stomach capacity
  • Slowed rate of stomach emptying
  • Sensation of stomach fullness even after small meals
  • All these will eventually result in weight loss