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Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery is performed to remove the tumor along with some of the surrounding healthy tissue and lymph nodes while saving as much breast as possible. The type of surgery depends upon the size, location, or type of breast cancer. However in some cases, the entire breast needs to be removed.
Types of Breast Cancer Surgery
Lumpectomy is the breast-conserving surgery in which the surgeon removes the tumor and some part of healthy tissue and lymph nodes around it in woman with small and early stage breast cancer. The procedure is performed with an aim to conserve as much of healthy breast tissue as possible.
Partial or segmental mastectomy or quadrantectomy involves removal of more breast tissue including cancerous and healthy tissue than with a lumpectomy.
Simple or total mastectomy involves removal of the entire breast without lymph nodes. The procedure is preferred in breast cancer cases that has not gone up to lymph nodes like in situ, micro invasive, and stage IA breast cancers or, to prevent new cancer from developing.??Double mastectomy is a type of preventive surgery in which both breasts are removed in woman who are on high risk of getting cancer in the other breast.
Modified Radical ??mastectomy involves removal of the whole breast and nipple along with lymph nodes in the armpit
After Surgery
After breast cancer surgery, many women get breast reconstruction surgery either right after the breast cancer surgery or later on. This means that the surgeon makes a normal-looking breast either with breast implants or with the patient’s own tissue from another part of the body.

Breast Cancer : Symptoms??

Some General Signs and Symptoms are here :

  • Unexpected Weight loss
  • Pain
  • Skin Changes
  • Excessive Hair Growth