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Chronic Cough & Acid Reflux Treatment

Acid Reflux: It is a common condition that most of the people experience occasionally due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The person may experience heartburn, belching, wheezing, difficulty swallowing, or chronic cough.
GERD & Persistent Coughing
GERD is one of the most difficult to diagnose cause of persistent cough. Cough is caused either by acid reflux or sometimes by the reflux of non-acidic stomach contents.
Cough due to GERD have following typical symptoms:
Nonproductive cough
Cough without asthma or postnasal drip
Cough without any causative factors like smoking etc.
Cough with wheeze
Normal chest X-ray
Other symptoms apart from cough may include:
Repeated vomiting
Hoarse voice
Diagnosis of GERD related Chronic Cough
Diagnosis of GERD related cough is very difficult to make because acid reflux isn???t the most common cause of symptoms such as chronic cough. Moreover the radiological test like barium swallow is also noninvasive in people with atypical symptoms.
The best way to diagnose GERD related chronic cough is by prescribing proton pump inhibitors at least for three months to observe if chronic cough resolves or not. A positive response to PPI therapy is a sign that the patient is suffering from chronic cough related to GERD.
Diagnostic tests like 24-hour pH probe or MII-pH can be prescribed by doctor in case of uncertainty of the diagnosis.
Treatment of GERD Related Chronic Cough
Lifestyle changes as advised by the physician can reduce or eliminate chronic cough and other GERD symptoms.
Medications especially PPI,antacids, foaming agents, H2 blockers, prokinetics etc. are generally effective in treating chronic cough and other symptoms of GERD
Surgery can be an effective treatment for those who don???t respond well to either lifestyle changes or medications.