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Earlobe Correction in Chennai

Earlobe Correction

An earlobe is the soft part of  your ear. The ear cartilage is contained with many of soft connective tissue and is highly flexible, with a rich blood supply. The ear cartilage is a popular site for wearing ornaments like earrings. It is easy to pierce the soft tissue in this area, and many cultures share a tradition of wearing ornaments in the ears.

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Reducing the earlobe or earlobe repair is a simple procedure that can be performed easily and quickly with the help of a doctor.

earlobe correction in chennai

For most of the cases, the earlobes barely noticed, but when a woman wears an earring, this draws attention to her ears. Ear lobes often can break accidently or increase in size as part of the normal aging process. Also, years of wearing heavy earrings can cause piercing earlobe and will drag down.

As we age, we begin to notice changes in our earlobes and see that they are still growing in size and weight.Depending on the individual, prolonged growth of the earlobe can make a bow and hang freely below the ear and become an aesthetic nuisance.

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