Earlobe Surgery

Nature had a good idea to facilitate wearing jewelry. Earlobes. However, sometimes, the??earlobes get into a little trouble. Due to their location, the tears are often split and are very??visible. For those with rather thin lobes who favor wearing heavy earrings, after the lobes??have been pierced, there can be a gradual elongation of the ear piercing tract such that it??becomes slit-like and often too large.

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Another problem may be that the earlobes can be torn by accident if undue pressure is placed??upon an already elongated ear piercing tract through the natural forces of the heavy earring. A??child tugging on a dangling earring can also create problem. Earlobe repair surgery fixes the??split and make it normal. The repair of such is not simple. It is important that it be well done??so that the earlobe looks normal and without overt evidence of having been torn and then??repaired.

Ideal Candidates

People who have torn earlobes or elongated piercing tracts may benefit from this procedure.


Earlobe repair is a simple procedure. To allow the lobe of the ear to heal back together, the??surgeon normally cuts away the healed skin on the inside of the torn earlobe. The fresh edges??are sutured back together. Sutures are removed after five days. The procedure is done under??local anesthesia. But it is very important to remove the damaged ear piercing tract or to trim??the edges of a cleft if the earlobe has been torn through completely. There are three steps in??the surgery. It consists of closing the outer layer of skin, the fatty tissue between the two??layers of the skin and finally skin in the back of the lobe.