Fibrin Glue and Collagen Plug

Although most of the cases of fistula requires surgery but, some cases can be sealed either with a special type of glue made from protein, or using a small plug made of collagen. The procedure is done without cutting the fistula tract. This new approach is becoming more and more common due to its sphincter-saving ability.
Indication for Fibrin glue and collagen plug
Fistulas involving sphincter muscles
The procedure starts with thorough clearing of the tract. The fistula tract is now irrigated and injected through the opening of the fistula either with fibrin glue or a decellularized porcine collagen plug. This is followed by stitching of the internal opening. Both are intended to occlude the fistula tract. Collagen plug serves as bioscaf-fold on which scar tissue may form.
Advantages of Fibrin Glue and Collagen Plug
Very low anal incontinence rate
Simple & minimally invasive procedure
Can be repeated
Minimal recovery time
Low complication rate