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Fissure Laser Removal

Fissure Laser Treatment

Laser Fissurectomy is the most modern and popular technique used to treat a fissure. It involves laser vaporization/removal of the fissure locally. More and more fissure patients are now opting for laser procedure due to its ease and convenience.
Indication for Laser Fissurectomy
Chronic fissures
Under spinal anaesthesia, surgeon inserts a speculum into the patient???s anus. The speculum has an adjustable opening that is guided on the fissure. Now a laser ray is directed on the pathological and inflamed tissue of the anal fissure including the skin tag. The fissure gets vaporized. The internal sphincter can also be incised using this laser.
What should be done after surgery?
* Patient should take warm sitz baths
* Region should be??cleaned properly
* Drugs and ointment application as prescribed by the surgeon should be continued
* Avoid getting constipated by eating more and more of fiber
Advantages of Laser Fissurectomy
* Done under spinal anesthesia
* No hospitalization is required
* Great efficiency rates
* Very less postoperative pain and bleeding
* Leaking of the anus occurs very rarely in comparison to conventional surgery