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Gas and Bloating

Gas or Abdominal bloating is a very common condition that occur in both children and adults. It is a condition in which the sufferer feels that his abdomen is full and gaseous, and may also be visibly swollen (distended). Abdominal bloating can be very uncomfortable and interfere with a person???s ability to work and participate in social or recreational activities.It can also affect the quality of life of the patient.
Causes of Gas and Bloating :
Abdominal bloating can be a symptom of some other underlying disorder or it can itself be the main problem. The most common causes of abdominal bloating as the main problem include the following:
Chronic constipation
Breathing with mouth that can cause swallowing of air
Irritable bowel syndrome
Inflammatory bowel disease
Lactose intolerance
Eating food very fast
Overgrowth of bacteria in the small bowel
Hormonal flux
Certain medications like anti-diabetic
The conditions under which Abdominal bloating can be a symptominclude the following:
Ascites due to cancer, liver disease, kidney failure, or congestive heart failure
Celiac disease
Ovarian cancer
Pancreatic insufficiency etc.
Symptoms of Gas and Bloating :
Abdominal bloating is avery vague term and patient generally finds it difficult to explain the condition to the physician. But most of the patients complain of the following while explaining abdominal bloating:
An uncomfortable feeling of fullness, tightness, or swelling in the abdomen
Abdominal pain
Excessive gas
Frequent burping or belching
Nausea and vomiting
Loss of appetite
Abdominal rumbling or gurgles
Diagnosis of Gas and Bloating :
Diagnosis of abdominal bloating depends upon a complete medical history and physical examination of the patient. As it can itself be a problem and can also be a symptom of some other underlying problem, various diagnostic tests are performed to rule out the conditions. The tests include the following:
Stool study
Blood tests
Urine analysis
Lactose intolerance tests
Flexible sigmoidoscopy
Abdominal X-ray
Lower GI series
Barium enema
Computed tomography (CT) s
Treatment for Gas and Bloating:
The treatment of abdominal bloating typically depends upon its reason. In many cases, some dietary and lifestyle modifications can very well help the patient. But in some cases medications are prescribed by the physician to improve the quality of life of the patient.
Antibiotics for infections
Over-the-counter gas-reducing medications
Medications to encourage intestinal movement

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