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Laser Hernia Treatment for Faster Recovery

When an organ or fatty tissue is squeezed through a weak spot in the connective tissue or surrounding muscle, it is called hernia. There are two ways to treat a hernia such as traditional Hernia Repair and laser hernia treatment. Hernia is treated with modern techniques and is called laparoscopic hernia or Laser Hernia Surgery. A hernia is noticed as a lump or a bulge in the affected site. The bulge formation under the skin is due to the abdominal inner lining which pushes through the fragile area.

A hernia is classified as Inguinal (groin), femoral (outer groin), incisional (results from the incision), Hiatal (upper stomach area), and umbilical (belly button). However, hernia commonly forms in the abdominal area. Pain in the site, vomiting, and nausea are the common symptoms of a hernia.

Laser Treatment using laparoscope is quite elegant with shorter recovery time. The procedure is generally done under general anesthesia. A tiny telescope is attached to a camera. Three small incisions are done in the affected site where tube-like devices are inserted. A laparoscope is inserted in one of the tubes whereas other tubes are inserted with the help of surgical instruments. As like traditional methods, a patch termed mesh is used. The surgeon monitors the entire procedure through the monitor connected to the laparoscope. Though a traditional and laser hernia are performed as an outpatient treatment, patients experience less pain and rapid healing in the laser hernia treatment.

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Vikram's Clinic is located at Chennai. It is a multi-specialty unit headed by Dr. Vikram, a leading laparoscopic surgeon who offers all kinds of treatment. He has treated umpteen number of hernia patients through Laser Hernia Treatment in Chennai.


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