Karydakis Procedure

Karydakis procedure is a simple surgical procedure involving lateralizationof the scar through an asymmetrical flap closure afterexcision of the sinus. The procedure is getting popular and is comparatively safer as it is associated with low morbidity and lower chances of recurrence.
Indication for Karydakis Procedure
New-onset pilonidal sinus
Recurrent pilonidal sinus at the intergluteal furrow
Sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus
The procedure is performed under general or spinal anaesthesia. The surgeon cuts the entire sinus out with an asymmetrical elliptical incision. Now the surgeon closes the skin in such a manner, that the incision is off the midline. This is followed by application of a well-padded dressing.
Advantages of Karydakis Procedure:
Avoid hair growth into the fresh wound, hence creating a new sinus
Allows quicker healing
Early return to daily activities
Very low recurrence rate
No serious complication involved
Short length of hospital stay
High patient satisfaction rate
What needs to be done after the Procedure?
Keep the wound dry in the first week post-operatively
Take proper medication including antibiotics as prescribed by the surgeon
Keep the wound dry in the first week post-operatively

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