Skin Cysts

Skin cysts are common skin abnormalities that can appear anywhere in the body. These are harmless and benign or noncancerous, closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other material. Skin cysts grow slowly and feel like large peas under the skin surface.
Common location of Skin cysts are:
Skin on the scalp
Upper body, especially the chest and shoulders
Causes of Skin cysts
Cysts can develop due to following reasons on skin:
Clogging of sebaceous glands (oil glands)
Around foreign bodies, such as earrings
Mild skin injuries
What Are the Symptoms of Skin Cysts?
Skin cysts are generally visible on skin and are unattractive as well as uncomfortable for the patient. These cysts are associated with following symptoms:
Soft to the touch
Painless lumps
Smooth to the touch when they are rolled under the skin
Large pear sized
Large cysts may cause pressure and pain
Can become inflamed due to infection
Infectious cysts can be tender, sore, smelly, and red
Diagnosis of a Skin Cyst
Skin cysts are easily diagnosed after a simple physical examination by the physician. In some unusual cases, additional tests are required to rule out cancer and also before its surgical removal. Common tests performed for a skin cyst include:

Punch biopsy
Blood tests
How Are Skin Cysts Treated?
Cysts usually do not cause pain and can be left as such. Following treatment options may be opted by the physician depending upon the patient condition:
Injection to reduces swelling and inflammation
Incision and drainage is done in cases where cyst becomes infected or inflamed to relieve symptoms.
An infected cyst may require oral antibiotics or other treatment before and/or after excision.