Tension-Free Hernia Repair

Hernia can only be treated by repair surgery as it will never go on its own. With the advancement of technology, tension-free techniques have now become standard of care for hernia repair. The procedure uses a piece of fine (inert and sterile) mesh to bridge the hernia defect as opposed to traditionally sewing of the two sides of the incision above the hernia together with stitches.

Open tension-free hernia repair is carried out generally underspinal anesthesia. The surgeon makes a single incision about 6cm long over the hernia. This is followed by placing the lump of fatty tissue or loop of bowel back into the abdomen. A mesh is now placed at the weak spot in the abdominal wall to strengthen it. The procedure does not require any stitching together of the muscle tissue, thus eliminating the tension induced by other methods.

Benefits of Tension-Free Repair
The repair is painless, quick, easy, and fairly comfortable for the patient
No prolonged hospitalization necessry
Early healing
less recovery period
Requires no bedrest
Advanced age no longer a barrier
Goals of Surgeons at Vikrams clinic while performing Laparoscopic Tension-Free Repair
When repairing a hernia, the surgeons at Vikrams clinic keep following goals in mind:
Provide an effective repair of hernia to the patient
Repair the hernia with a minimum operative and post-operative discomfort
No or lowest possible recurrence rate
Allow rapid return of the patient to normal activities
Patient should be able to walk away from the theatre immediately after surgery
All kinds of sport even heavy weight lifting is possible within 10 days of the surgery

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